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Giving Birth at Chinese General Hospital in the Philippines

May 8, 2020

Once a woman learned that she is pregnant, one of the many things that she needs to decide on is the place or hospital where she will give birth. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right place, such as the facilities and location of the hospital, costs of the maternity package, the doctor who will perform the delivery of the baby and I think the most important is how comfortable you are giving birth at that place.

We were in Qatar and Pio was about to turn one, when I learned that I am pregnant once again. I considered giving birth in Qatar but after a lot of thinking, I decided that I will be more comfortable if I will give birth in the Philippines, particularly at Chinese General Hospital (CGH) where I delivered my first two sons and where my OB-Gyne, who has been my doctor since I was a teenager, is affiliated.

It was in December when I arrived in the Philippines and made an appointment with the doctor right away. We agreed that I will be having an elective cesarean section since I had the same procedure before. Regular check ups and ultrasounds were done until we finally decided on the date.

Hospital Admission

As instructed, I was admitted the day before my chosen date of delivery, but a few days before that, I already reserved a private room wherein I deposited Php 3,000. Since I was still feeling well and did not experience any contractions, I did all the paper works and payment of deposit (additional Php 5,000) prior to my hospital admission.

Admission Kit: Consists of basin, water bottle, towel, measuring cup, medicine cup, straw, thermometer, tissue roll, cotton, spoon and fork. This will be given to you upon your admission and included on your bill.


I have chosen a private room located at the hospital’s new building. It is bigger and better than the rooms on their main building, with ensuite bathroom and equipped with air conditioner, television, refrigerator, sofa, cabinets and telephone.

Private Room at Php 3,700 per day.


I was served with hospital meals 3 times a day based on the diet instructed by my doctor. There were times when Tep was the one who ate the food since I was not allowed to eat anything yet after the CS procedure. The food served were pretty decent and the taste was not bad at all.

There were restaurants within the hospital premises, such as Jollibee, Chowking and Pancake House, that can deliver food directly to your room if you happen not to like the hospital food or if you have a companion who will be staying with you. But if you want something else, then I guess Food Panda orย Grab Food can help you.

Cesarean Section Procedure

Upon my admission, laboratory tests were done, medical interviews were conducted and instructions were given to me in preparation for my CS procedure. The thought of going through the same procedure for the third time left me feeling nervous even though I was trying to relax. Good thing I was still able to have a good sleep that night.

My doctor and I agreed to have the CS procedure at 8 in the morning. We made our way through the operating room and preparations were done. Anesthesia was given through my spine and after a while, I did not feel anything from the waist below. I was high with some medication but I was still aware of what was happening around me. It took them a while before they were able to get the baby from my tummy.

My Baby Migo was out around 9:00 a.m.

Our first picture together.

Afterwards, I was sent to the recovery room for a while until I was able to move my feet. Then, to my room in order for me to rest. The following day, they have already removed the IV and catheter, I was also instructed to get to my feet and start moving around so the wound from the procedure will heal faster. After pooping, I was able to eat, first with soft food, but the day after, I was already on a regular diet.

Baby Room In or NICU

CGH is a baby friendly hospital, meaning they won’t allow you to bring feeding bottles and formula milk because they promote breastfeeding. Once the baby is born, they usually give it right away to the mother for the skin to skin contact and for nursing, and they will also be roomed in with the mother. However, in my case, my Baby Migo was not well when I gave birth to him. I was also told that he had a cord coiled around his neck thus the need for a surgeon to be present during the delivery. Migo stayed at NICU for the next seven days so he can complete the whole course of medication given to him.


It was a good thing that all expenses incurred from our hospitalization were covered by our insurance from Qatar. They do have a partner company here in the Philippines who took care of the payment, except for Migo’s NICU expenses which I paid and eventually reimbursed from them. Here’s the breakdown of our hospital bill.

These hospital expenses does not include Philhealth deduction since I was not able to update my contributions. I guess it will be around Php 20,000 less if only I have paid.

This was my experience giving birth at CGH. It was actually the same if I will compare it with my two previous C-Section deliveries with them, the only thing that changed was the cost, haha. It was higher ofcourse than my first two.

Have you experienced giving birth at CGH? How was it? Let me know on the comment section below.

Chinese General Hospital
Telephone No.: (02) 8711-4141
OB-Gyne: Dr. Zeny Malilay


  1. Waaahhh grabe ๐Ÿ˜ญ I heard sobrang sakit daw kapag tinuturukan nung anesthesia sa spine huhu minsan natatakot na ko mag-anak kapag nakakabasa ako mga ganto story.. hahahaha

    1. Hello Amielle.. Yes true, masakit sa umpisa lang naman and ang nakakatakot kasi yung thought na kapag nagkamali yung doctor ng paginject eh magiging disabled na daw because sa spine yun iniinject.. Pero once you’ve delivered the baby, worth it naman ang sakit.. Kaya wag ka matakot mag-anak.. hehe

      1. HALA OMG grabe ‘yung pag nagkamali ng inject ๐Ÿ™ may trust issues pa naman ako! Char HAHAHA

        Kumusta na nga pala, Ate? Nasa Pinas pa rin po kayo?

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